I still manage my music

“I Manage My Music”
Another fine and highly informative workshop for independent Melbourne musicians was held at the end of November.
And who better to offer some experienced advice, than long time independent musos, Gareth Liddiard and Fiona Kitschin from The Drones.
They also brought plenty of smiles to the table.






Body Electric Dance Off 2011

Well you’ve gotta be in it to win it, as they say.

And if you don’t happen to win, you have a hell of a ride getting there. And after-all OTHER people say that it is the journey that counts.

No regrets for these Body Electricians!

These pictures are just a sneak peak at the backstage preparation and fun that goes into the full show that is Body Electric.

‘Fright Night’, Body Electric Dance Off  2011

The Palace Theatre, Bourke St, Melbourne.

180 odd dancers (in more ways than one!)

Sell out show.

Where else would you want to be?


What’s new is old

I’m in a new town

In actual fact, it’s really an old town, with a colourful history – only new to me.

What I notice and admire in a new town, is old things.

Many times in the man made and in the natural world, I admire age.

Age, ageing, aged.

It occurs to me as it often does, that we as humans too often don’t allow ourselves a similar kind of admiration.

So this series is in appreciation of age and it’s beauty.

It’s colour, vibrancy, complexity and detail.





















“Cooking up a good story”

My dad chuckled as he told me I was “Cooking up a good story”, his dad-joke being a pun on the fate of my relative, the Reverend Thomas Baker. I believe that he was my maternal Grandfather’s Uncle.

He became known as “Boots”, because that is all that was left of him after a tribe in Fiji made a meal of him, in 1867!

In other news, my great great grandmother, who was the lady of the house and eloped to Australia with the butler, was given a recipe book by her aunt, dated 1858.

Can you see how these stories might inspire some integration?

To add a little of the modern touch, x-ray images of my own and my family’s body parts make a ghostly appearance.

So far they are looking a little like this….

So, we shall see where this project goes, but we do know how the story ends.

Again the body and it’s amazing myriad of experiences and sensations is my ultimate inspiration for my photographic artwork.

More later…

Musical Melbourne

Back to life here in Melbourne!

One of the fabulously unique aspects of Melbourne life, is our abundance of home-made music.

Local singer/songwriter/musician/facilitator Jen Cloher, has established a place for independent artists to gain industry knowledge, share stories and experiences and gain skills to tackle the many challenges that being an independent artist entails.

I photographed one of her workshops, “I Manage My Music”, last weekend.

Featuring guest presenter Wally De Backer of Goyte and The Basics, here is a glimpse into the day.

Little bites of the Big Apple – my favourites

Am I flogging a dead horse?

I know that I have already given you a few bites, but New York offers so much, it is hard to sum up , describe or even glimpse into it’s magnitude of possibilities.

So this time is just a bit of an indulgence into my favourites. Unexplained snippets of my experience. If you want to know any more about any of the shots, just shoot me questions.

Otherwise, I hope you enjoy this look into my preferences.

Things you might find: cafe interiors, Yale Harry Potter-esk study nooks, that great rare coffee, 5pointz graff, art gallery openings, pet memorial, Harlem roller derby and The Mulberry Project.

INs and OUTs

So you go IN to another country, you move around, soak up, experience, savour. When you come OUT the other side are you different?

Perhaps it depends what you saw, where you went and how you felt. Perhaps you are always different somehow.

These images represent the INs and OUTs that I saw in New York. Some of them are literal and obvious and some are more open to interpretation.

What do you read into them? What do you see and feel? Do you remember a travel experience that you came OUT of, feeling different to when you went IN?

A dance parade to bade farewell

It’s true, I am working backwards. My last day in New York City involved a colourful and joyous celebration of the love of dance.

2011 New York Dance Parade

This is why I love New York! And if you check out the faces of most of these dancers, you will have a glimpse in to why I love dance!

Thank you NYC for the fabulous send off.

I’m In Here

Today my images were inspired by some one very dear to me.

All the colour and vibrancy of her charm is present

All the cheek and wit that endears her is full

But a murky pond of illusions clouds her vision, greys her day

For a girl who’s finding it hard to see

A challenge to focus and hold to dreams…… all my love   xo

Also inspired by a song written and sung by Sia, I’m In Here.

Bodyelectric!….can you feel it?

If you haven’t yet experienced the BODYELECTRIC, it has been known to cause quite a sensation. Led by choreographer and teacher Jade Duffy, 6 to 9 groups of dancers are taken through their paces for a term of priming them for a final competitive performance between the groups.

But the main focus in this arena is fun. There is no shortage of colourful characters, costumes and choreography. It was my own involvement in Bodyelectric that sparked my interest in photographing this unique group of performers. See the Bodyelectric website for some of my previous images of costumed groups.