Dancing forward

You could say that I am back to where I started.

If you have been with me from my first post, you may remember some images of a fabulous dancer/choreographer and teacher, Helena Yuk.

I have just finished hanging a series of artwork featuring Helena, at the Art Gallery of Ballarat.

Dance is often described as a series of snapshots that you are asked to create. Going beyond that, it is also the transition between those snapshot moments that really creates the story and draws us in as an audience.

In this series I wanted to show a sense of the transitions as well as the arrived at places.

I feel as though that’s where half the magic is.

To see the rest of the series, you’d have to swing by the Art Gallery of Ballarat, Victoria!

Hello there!!

Portrait of a Dancer 6To begin my journey into the blog world, I thought I might post a little teaser of images that will be part of an exhibition in the new year. It is called ‘Portrait of a Dancer’. The images are all of one dancer/choreographer, a very talented lady from Korea by the name of Helena Yuk. I wanted to show the body in motion as well as feature the details of skin and muscle, as dancing is such an intensely personal and revealing form of art. It is about using every pore in your being to convey your message. I find that inspiring and brave and I wanted to honour that in my images.