Little bites of the Big Apple – my favourites

Am I flogging a dead horse?

I know that I have already given you a few bites, but New York offers so much, it is hard to sum up , describe or even glimpse into it’s magnitude of possibilities.

So this time is just a bit of an indulgence into my favourites. Unexplained snippets of my experience. If you want to know any more about any of the shots, just shoot me questions.

Otherwise, I hope you enjoy this look into my preferences.

Things you might find: cafe interiors, Yale Harry Potter-esk study nooks, that great rare coffee, 5pointz graff, art gallery openings, pet memorial, Harlem roller derby and The Mulberry Project.

INs and OUTs

So you go IN to another country, you move around, soak up, experience, savour. When you come OUT the other side are you different?

Perhaps it depends what you saw, where you went and how you felt. Perhaps you are always different somehow.

These images represent the INs and OUTs that I saw in New York. Some of them are literal and obvious and some are more open to interpretation.

What do you read into them? What do you see and feel? Do you remember a travel experience that you came OUT of, feeling different to when you went IN?