2018 Got there, but it was hairy.

2018. Wow, it goes by in a flash, squeezes you of all your energy and then leaves you spat out to recover on your holidays! At least that’s how it felt this year, perhaps due to not being at my best health wise. (Nothing in particular to worry about).

Without fail though, one thing that brings me to my centre – other than some good strong Pilates centring! – is a macro shoot.

Another donation from my mum at Christmas (of dead stuff from the garden/street) gave me the subject, which I laid out on my table next to the window, waiting for a moment to shoot it. I came in and out at different times of the day and took some shots and changed the angles. It would just wait for me until I was ready and the light was right.

Shoot, return, repeat.

Shoot, turn subject, repeat.

Keep finding a new perspective until you are captivated.

When you are captivated, you are transported. Hopefully you are transported to a place of meditation, healing, engagement, nourishment. That’s how it works for me.

This is why I return again and again.

And now that it is 2018, I request of myself that deed of self-care… do this thing that you love. Again. And again.

Alison Shirley Macro_NYE-5175

Alison Shirley Macro_NYE-5128

Alison Shirley Macro_NYE-5149

Alison Shirley Macro_NYE-5123

Alison Shirley Macro_NYE-5121

Alison Shirley Macro_NYE-5133

Alison Shirley Macro_NYE-5142



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