Nature’s Abstract

In two days, I start putting up my photographic work for an exhibition, a joint venture with Susan Nethercote, called ‘Nature’s Abstract‘. I have admired Susan’s work with paint for some time and it dawned on us that we really work with the same subject a lot.

It’s that romance with light and the way it dances with nature. It is also about the beauty in all cycles of life that play before me. (Easier than seeing this in myself perhaps). All you have to do in the natural world is live and die and I’ll pretty much be in awe of you.

I work to honour that as best I can and celebrate it. I seek to see more by getting close and losing myself in the depths of what is largely unknown to me.

Now is the time to share some of those moments of discovery and exploration with my lens and with Susan’s paint brushes.

Our exhibition runs from May 25 – June 11 at Backspace Gallery, 15 Camp St, Alfred Deakin Place, Ballarat.

Our Official Opening is May 28th, 2 – 4pm at . Come and say hi.


Nature'sAbstractA4Poster copy

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