Focus – on what you see and feel.

Sometimes for me it’s about what to focus on. There are so many choices in this world. Having a lot of choices is a great privilege, let’s make that clear.

It can lend itself to confusion and a seeming lack of focus. On a drive out near Daylesford I stopped by the road to take some pictures.

I knew I wanted to use my macro lens to capture some of the beautiful detail I was seeing and I do love the painterly effect of a short depth of field, but what to focus on…

I began to stand in one place and take a number of photos, just changing the point of focus without changing my framing to see what I came up with. It allowed for a little of the unknown to creep into my shooting, which I think is fun.

Sometimes nature shows us the most beautiful surprises.

The images of the old mattress springs really speak to me about the buzz of confusion that sometimes surrounds me, in having more than one passion to focus on. Where to stand, how long to stand there and where to focus, again.

In the meantime, I continue trusting my own drive as well as those surprises that nature throws my way, to keep taking me exactly where I need to be.


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