For when life Succs

I know, it’s Christmas season.
A time renowned for joy, celebration and reunion.

But in looking more closely (with my macro lens) at a beautiful plant that I received as a gift recently, my thoughts go to those people I love whose Christmases are tarnished by deep sorrow and longing, reflection and agonising grief.

Hence it’s the succulent that grabs me. It has a remarkable ability to withstand “unfavourable” circumstances.
It remains plump and full of water, while temperatures soar internally.
Remarkably, it creates it’s own humidity with a waxy, hairy or spiny outer surface that reduces the air movement near it’s surface.

So if you don’t appear like others this Christmas, if you need to retain water or become more spiky on the surface, or create your own micro-habitat to survive, I’m thinking of you.

And I am wholeheartedly grateful for all that I have not lost.

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