“Cooking up a good story”

My dad chuckled as he told me I was “Cooking up a good story”, his dad-joke being a pun on the fate of my relative, the Reverend Thomas Baker. I believe that he was my maternal Grandfather’s Uncle.

He became known as “Boots”, because that is all that was left of him after a tribe in Fiji made a meal of him, in 1867!

In other news, my great great grandmother, who was the lady of the house and eloped to Australia with the butler, was given a recipe book by her aunt, dated 1858.

Can you see how these stories might inspire some integration?

To add a little of the modern touch, x-ray images of my own and my family’s body parts make a ghostly appearance.

So far they are looking a little like this….

So, we shall see where this project goes, but we do know how the story ends.

Again the body and it’s amazing myriad of experiences and sensations is my ultimate inspiration for my photographic artwork.

More later…


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