The many layers of India 2

Travel in India invokes so many different practical and emotional responses, and this image is a mixture of the places and scenes that had such various affects on me. Where ever you are, there are so many people, sounds, smells and activity to capture your attention. This work reflects how every space (here it is gaps in a decorated wall) is busy and occupied. Interestingly, although this image may reflect some of the busyness and chaos that was my experience of India, the individual photographs that I took, mainly depict quite a different scene. Photography has sometimes been for me, a meditation in a sense. Perhaps I was identifying the calm where I could and cropping out the confusion in order to look for that peace. The following images are those that I exhibited as part of my “Experiencing India” show, alongside photographer Michelle Dunn.

"Getting About", Udaipur

"Traffic", Udaipur, Rajastan

"Woman at fort", Jaiselmer

"Inquisitive boy", Agra backstreets

"Soaking up the sun", Agra fort

"Rest and play", Delhi

"Boat madam?", Varanasi

"A moment of solitude", Varanasi

"Boats and washing No.2", Varanasi

"Catching the breeze", Varanasi

"Fishing boats", Puri

"Nets and knots", Puri

"Boats and washing", Varanasi


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